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jonathan bitz
the introduction : an excerpt from A BIOGRAPHY OF FEAR
This is the effort involved in losing something you want. Need. Have. Love.
duncan b. barlow
of curves and squares
She touched the form, her legs shook and a hole somewhere inside of her dripped.
corey mesler
chin-chin at the pearly gates
I didnít correct him. Hell, it was my first time here.
e. arnold
wave-particle duality or sweet oklahoma pussy
It begins with my father, but it does not end with my children. It goes on. The light of my blood,
the mass of my name.
d.e. fredd
breakfast in bethel, maine
Lloyd always has a beer after breakfast. It settles his stomach.
kirsten noelle hubbard
the complex
Someone was pounding down the stairs, and this time the footfalls seemed to shake her apartment walls.