Issue 10
Editor’s Note:In the spirit of celebrating our 8th anniversary here at syntax I wanted to preface our artist by saying two things:

It took me over a year to gain this interview. It is something that I am proud to present. In content and exposure, I think people should bear witness to the beautiful things. There is something about waiting so long, as if it were Christmas, that made my time with Markham feel important. Upon our conclusion, it bore it's self out: It was as important an interview as I have ever had. I left feeling invigorated. Inspired. Reminded of the gratitude I have for all the time well-spent with amazing people in the Queen City.

We have sought to create a forum for the great Denver talent that we’ve come to know. But we’ve also sought to create a forum for the abstract things, like: An exploration of what art is. What creation is. This is all about metaphysics and a sense of purpose in this strange aquarium of life, afterall. To that end, I wanted to re-share my thoughts on the nature of art with you before you dove into the world of the Shitty Kitten, Markham Maes:


{m a r k h a m  m a e s}

JEFF SOTO sas christian RAY CAESAR ryan greis WES MAGYAR christian whitney BUNKER BUNNIE rethunk KURT HALSEY mark ludy DANIELLE SPIRES jay vollmar RAY YOUNG CHU jason thielke BRENT NEUSTIFTER ryan riss RAY CAESAR sandi calistro JENNY LEE jenny morgan BRIAN ROBERTSON travis millard MEL KADEL karen mcclanahan CARRIE ANN BAADE peter illig AMANDA MARIE rebecca tillett BRIANNA MARTRAY carlos michael finn CHRISTAIN VAN MINNEN shannon bonatakis RAFA JENN chris huth OSCAR WOODRUFF lui ferryra MIKE GRAVES vincent fasano RIVA SWEETROCKET francesca woodman MARIE VLASIC scot lefavor CHRISTOPHER OWEN NELSON mark howell SUMMIT STUDIOS chris guarino FOREST HARRISON GERKE bill amundson JOSH HOLLAND colin livingston AUSTIN PARKHILL martina grbac