Issue 10
The year 2010 marks the seventh anniversary of syntax. As such, we wanted to look back at some of the great art that we have been blessed to be a part of. Sure, we've talked and spotlighted and worked with such amazing national artists as Jeff Soto, Ray Caesar, Sas Christian, Ewik, Ryan Greis, Kurt Halsey, Jenny Morgan, Carrie Ann Baade, and others but,

syntax is about creating conversation around our talented pool of local artists. As a retrospective, we wanted to look back at the great local artists that have helped shaped the Denver scene over the last decade. Instead of showing their new bodies of work - we wanted our audience to remember what it was that drew us to them in the first place.

It was difficult to narrow this group down to (approximately) ten, but we did. As such, our belief is that these are some of Denver's brightest. However, this list does not encompass the diversity of talent that we've worked with, nor does it represent all of the artists that we've had the intense pleasure of working with.

We are proud to present:

{j a s o n  t h i e l k e}

{w e s  m a g y a r}

{s c o t t  l e f a v o r}

{r a f a  j e n n}

{m a r k  h o w e l l}

{l u i  f e r r e y r a}

{c h r i s  n e l s o n}

{r i v a  s w e e t r o c k e t}

{s u m m i t  s t u d i o s}

{c a r l o s  m i c h a e l  f i n n}

{m a r k  l u d y}

{r e b e c c a  t i l l e t t}